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In the Garden of Eden: A Tribute… and thanks

~ Forewords ~
Several years ago on a reunion trip with several of my cohorts from the rice paddies, the boys went out for lunch, while I stayed behind at the hotel in Newport, California to make some notes and write a bit of remembrance. The three of us had spoken for several years about collaborating on a book about our time together over ‘there’ – but I began to realize that both of the guys were bullshit artists, and really had no desire to follow through, and so I decided to write a preface – to what I hope would become my story about the twenty-one months I spent in the Far East – VietNam. What came out of that several hours of peace, can be read HERE. I would highly recommend that you read it before you continue… but – at your discretion…

As for now – we pick up where we left off… ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Publisher and Veteran
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Introduction to ‘Words’

“Your adversaries are composed of wretches who laugh at the rights of humanity, who turn religion into derision, and would, for higher wages, direct their swords against their leaders of their country. WE have no other choice than independence.” ~ Samuel Adams, 1776

In the 1940 MGM movie, Northwest Passage, starring Spencer Tracy (as Major Robert Rogers), and Robert Young (as fictional cartographer, Harvard graduate, Langdon Towne), there were several instances where Rogers and his master map-maker would be separated for one reason or another, whether for hours or longer, and each time they parted, Roger’s would say to Towne, “I’ll see you at sun-down!” It is a line of dialog I have never forgotten.

As I write, it is past one o’clock on the morning of February 5, 2017, and as I ponder on my nearly seven decades on this earth – I wonder what my grandchildren will face when they reach my age.

During these years, I have watched and witnessed the decline and fall of this once great Republic which my ancestors had fought for; those who came to these shores shortly after the Mayflower and settled in Boston in 1633 (David Sellack, né Sellick); those who fought for freedom and liberty during the war for our Independence; those who forged westward to settle in what was then known as the West (Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin) and those who chose to fight for what they believed in during the War of Northern aggression (Uncle Sam Cole of Harvard, Illinois). Continue reading

What is the meaning of the name, Metropolis Café?

Yes – the question has been posed to me a number of times. .

As my Bio shows, I have been broadcasting on the alternative air-waves for over two decades, in addition to being the publisher of numerous websites – including one, which was founded seven weeks before the “wake-up call” referred to as 9/11. At the time, it was a somewhat unique site, which covered many issues that few would publish. By 2003 we were pulling in millions of hits per month from readers all over the world, and due to my growing concerns for the general direction which our faltering education system was headed, we created a new category, “Village of the Damned.”

The title of course came from the 1960 film of the same name, but was so-named because of then First Lady, Hillary Clinton’s comment, “It takes a village to raise a child,” in addition to my feelings that our children were truly ‘damned‘ if this system should be allowed to continue. (READ the rest of the story…)

I challenge you…

For these past many years, this author and publisher have tackled many issues, which are of paramount concern to all freedom loving Americans; gun control (the 2nd Amendment), the illegal invasion of this nation (immigration), spirituality (not religion or ‘churchianity, Health Care, the intrusion on our privacy and rights (NSA and complete violation of ALL of the original Bill of Rights) – and so many more issues, which we are not prepared to devote a column to at this time, BUT…

What we are going to devote the Metropolis Café to – is the sorry state of what was once our greatness – the ‘education’ system in America, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Continue reading