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I heard this in a movie once… ‘C’ is for “Cheat.” If a District, a school, or a teacher can only garner a ‘C’ grade – then they are all letting down their charges – the students and are just getting by – they are CHEATING!

The Glue Helping At-Risk Students Stick With School

The percentage of students at Washington, D.C., public schools who graduate from high school in four years is at an all-time high. But at 69 percent, the district’s graduation rate is well below the national average, which is north of 80 percent.

So in a move that mirrors a broader national conversation about how to help kids who have more than a few obstacles in front of them succeed, the district this year put what it’s calling “pathway coordinators” into its schools to make sure kids at risk of dropping out get a diploma—and to help students who’ve gotten off track rebound. Continue reading