Escape the Village!

Why is it that we are unable to teach children how to read when nearly every single child 100+ years ago could read and write? We do not need more money. We do not need more teacher training. We need to return to what has been proven to work. When we choose to use a curriculum that has been demonstrated with fact and figures to be inferior, then the only conclusion is that it is a deliberate effort to ensure the destruction of your child’s potential. You are going to have to get involved with the education of your children. IF your superintendent will not fix the problem, then fire him. If your school board will not fix the problem, then fire them. Your children’s future is at stake. To save America, we must save one child at a time. It starts with education – at home and at school. ~ Rosemary Stein, MD

One thought on “Escape the Village!

  1. Rick Bonner

    No doubt about it; all “villages” are NOT the same. Some are, in fact, villages of the damned.

    When a village, a society, does NOT nurture a state of improved community, that is, caring for the members of that village that founded, maintained and sustained it, and hopefully made it “a better place” for their children and others,

    Or doesn’t foster an economic vitality for the immediate and near future – some type of productivity – that naturally creates the jobs and in some enterprising cases, the wealth of the villagers themselves (not some carpet-baggers or out of town, soviet-centers for the wealth to be funneled or drained into)

    Then maybe…. we ought to replicate those American villages, and the cottage industries, that BUILT America.

    Who is opposed to that?

    Well, communists, to name some, are opposed. Let’s stop tolerating ANY that ignore the sickly conditions we’re suffering. And start answering the question: “How can I, at least begin to, turn things around?”

    First, we might start buying babysitters, and ignore the “free” one, public school. It’s waaay too expensive!


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