2 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 451 2018: Bradbury LIVES!

  1. Rick Bonner

    I often wonder what’s worse: having a book taken out (occulted – occluded) outright by burning or being locked away in a vault like the vatican’s; or, being neutered by censoring “the good parts”, or, being diluted by “adding” politicaly or socially engineered “explanatory” pieces that pervert the meaning(s) of the original.

    Whatever the case, I’m thankful for my own personal “six foot shelf of books”.

    The Truth, crushed to earth will rise again.

  2. Rick Bonner

    P.S. I hope Brandon Davis’ painting (?) above is simply a figment of the imagination, in this probably American case. This sort of abomination HAS occurred all to frequently in the past, and will – unless strongly opposed by those of us that revere knowledge and her “child”, Wisdom – happen more and more often in our desolate, decadent future.

    The scene is an obscenity.

    It tears at the heart of man and The Creator, much like the melting down of bronze statues to support a war against an invading tyrant rips our sensibilities. How much more abominable it is, when culture and history (and “herstory”, Lady Godiva) are made desolate when a society’s statuary are destroyed to assuage infantile feelings, in so-called adults. Like in America’s south land.


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