The Wholesale Indoctrination of School Children by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Parents, only YOU can set your children free from classroom indoctrination

It sure isn’t Miss Francis and Romper Room

When little school kids talk about what they are learning in class, it’s no longer about anything to do concerning the ‘Three Rs’, it’s about the Politics of Inclusion, which they learn through indoctrination.

Self-acclaimed Patron Saint of Tolerance and Diversity Jessi Cruickshank leads children in this CBC video in a “rah!” “rah!” for Happy Pride Month, which according to Cruickshank, viewers “loved”.

“Almost 1 million people watched this video on the weekend. Most people loved it, others are angry and/or “praying for me”, she posted on her Facebook page yesterday.

“I believe in education and tolerance and celebration of diversity.”

It’s easy to see that the children in the video have been indoctrinated, rather than educated and that they can spout gay talking points as well, or better than, any adult gay activist.

Do school kids of the current day really sit around talking about gay marriage being normal? Do they really aspire to “grow up and be gay icons”?

Whatever happened to wanting to grow up to be astronauts, scientists, or even Dads or Moms?

Cruickshank, who touted Jodi Foster as her growing up role model told the kids, “She made me question my sexuality as a child because I liked her so much.”

“She was nude in the film, ‘Nell’, not that I remember watching several times.”

‘Nell’ was released in 1994, Cruickshank born in 1982.

While Foster was Cruickshank’s growing up model, she told the children in the CBC Gay Pride video “everybody should aspire to grow up and be a gay icon”.

Because CBC is a state-owned television network, taxpayer-subsidized to the tune of $1 billion a year, parents paid for the Cruickshank video.

Jessica Shaia “Jessi” Cruickshank (born July 17, 1982) is a Canadian television personality. She is the former co-host of MTV Canada’s program The After Show and its various incarnations including The Hills: The After Show and The City: Live After Show with co-host Dan Levy. She is currently the host of Canada’s Smartest Person and The Goods on CBC. (Wikipedia)

“Cruickshank was part of a school’s all-male improv comedy group alongside actor Seth Rogen right before becoming a television personality, putting her comedic skills in use while reporting or interviewing celebrities.

“Cruickshank is now living in Los Angeles, where she filmed a show called Hollywood Survival Guide, which aired on MTV. In L.A., Cruickshank was a producer at The Oprah Winfrey Network. Cruickshank is the Los Angeles correspondent for the Canadian entertainment show etalk, she also has joined the etalk TIFF coverage team for the past few years. Cruickshank also co-hosts The CW show Oh Sit!, which airs on MuchMusic in Canada.

Ironically, Cruickshank is still actively involved with the organization Free The Children, where she has filmed multiple MTV specials. She is currently an ambassador for them speaking and hosting multiple We Days and Free The Children events. Cruickshank is also a public speaker, where she can regularly be found all across the country speaking on her experiences, while inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves.

“WE Charity, formerly known as Free The Children, is a worldwide development charity and youth empowerment movement founded in 1995 by human rights advocates Marc and Craig Kielburger.

“The organization focuses on young people, with programs in Canada, the U.S. and U.K. for service learning and active citizenship, and international development projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America focused on children and education. The organization runs programs in approximately 10,000 schools in Canada, the U.S. and U.K. for service learning and active citizenship, with the aim of empowering youth to become socially engaged.” (Wikipedia)

If there’s anything from which the children of the day need to be set free, it’s from flagrant indoctrinators like phoney tolerance and diversity activist Jessi Cruickshank, who seems not to want to let children be children.

Parents, only YOU can set your children free from classroom indoctrination.

Written by Judi McLeod and published by Canada Free Press ~ June 6, 2018

We’ll have a gay old time…

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