Public Eduction Hopelessly Corrupt & Politicized

A great discussion on Stefan Molyneux’s channel, when a teacher called in and discussed the remnants of the US education system. It is worse than any of us thought. And it is perfectly legal. From the kid that shows up with a gun or knife and isn’t kicked out of school or sent to a mental institution to the local school board counting bodies as a way to increase their revenue stream to the mothers that want their child to be declared autistic so the single mother can continue to get welfare (for life) to take care of her autistic child (as SSI disability for the kid also provides benefits to the mother as a caregiver, all part of the scam). It’s lunacy and it is not going to end well.

One thought on “Public Eduction Hopelessly Corrupt & Politicized

  1. boz

    I’ve heard enough.

    This is a teacher? Umm… Like… and everything like that, um… OK, he was nervous… but like.

    The welfare state is a scam. It’s a joke, THe system is so overtaxed that no one can vet or police the participants… and no drug test required for payments? This country is screwed…

    Waiter… Check, please!


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