The Questionability of ‘Truth’

To Govern a Republic, One Must Know the Minds That Created It.

The more we teach our children about history the more likely they will not make our mistakes. ~ Diversified Dame

This video wants to paint Lincoln in a divine light as the selfless savior of the Union against the tyranny of the British Empire. However, there seems to be another side to this pancake. Seems the Republicans that got Lincoln nominated and elected were milking the South using cotton tariffs. (In those days there was no federal income tax.) These tariffs went directly into the Federal treasury and somehow managed to wind up in the pockets of Lincoln’s cronies, the railroad barons. Imagine that! Lincoln got elected without a single Southern electoral vote. Big surprise! Secession meant that the cash cow milked from Southern cotton was completely cut off! As an aside, not all Southern cotton was picked by slaves. Poor Southern farmers had no slaves, so they picked it themselves or hired someone else to do it. These tariffs affected them even more than the rich plantation slave owners because they could least afford to pay for it. It’s always the marginalized that pay the bills, right? Lincoln subjugates the North by throwing everybody he can into jail that doesn’t pay homage to his cause. He rants against the traitorous slave owning South as the cotton mills of the North begin to dry up and railroads begin to lose steam. Addicts can get very mean when their supplies run out. Bottom line: 600,000+ people are brutally killed on both sides, the South is pillaged, burned, and starved as both Southern white civilians and slaves are raped and murdered. Glory glory hallelujah! ~ Frank Abernathy

There’s many things left out yes, but many things also do add up here that were not and are not taught in our classrooms. So after watching this for the secound time I would have to say it’s time constraints kept this history lesson from diving too deeply into all the facts and characters. However for a less than two hour video it’s the best I’ve ever seen to date, and that’s why I’m bookmarking in my history list. To every screaming where’s the Rothschilds? Yes we all know very well the Rothschilds are behind almost ever war, and they financially back both sides of the war or conflict… We know this very well. But I think where this lesson shines is how it shows the perch from which the Rothschilds cast their spell upon the world.

The more we teach our children about history the more likely they will not make our mistakes. ~ Diversified Dame

Alexander Hamilton

Sure enough, later in the video, the 1929 Crash is blamed on speculators (the usual socialist Democrat Keynesian Shilleresque cop-out) instead of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. Even notorious anti-Semite Henry Ford “got” Free Trade – they can’t buy my cars if we don’t buy EUROPE’S stuff – and spent a FULL DAY at the White House BEGGING Hoover to stop Smoot-Hawley, to no avail. So we have the Morrill Tariff causing the War Between the States, the McKinley Tariff causing a discontinuous presidency (Cleveland-Harrison-Cleveland) and the Smoot-Hawley Tariff causing The Great Depression and thus WWII. But the LaRouchies and Hamilton-lovers STILL love tariffs ROTFLAMO I’ll retire to bedlam. Why “progressives” lionize Hamilton is beyond me. ~ Robert Johnson

This “crockumentary” is awash in misinformation. Give it a pass. For example, Burr killed Hamilton IN A DUEL. No murder took place. And he didn’t stop Hamilton soon enough – we are being held hostage by Hamiton’s centralized banking/national debt model…actually, it is the Rothschild’s model, and Hamilton was in service of that family. ~ William L.

Lincoln was put into office to start a war, that no one wanted. The North was bankrupt, due Usury, the South did not have Usury. Lincoln started a war, without Congress, there were, armed riots all over the North against the war. Lincoln being the mass murder he was, arrested and killed editors of papers who were trying to get out the info. to the people. Suppressing free speech as criminals usually due. The 14th amendment actually enslaved us all, it freed no one.

The South sent men to Lincoln asking when the Fort would stand down, they were told not to worry, and this would happen, all the while, Lincoln sent a large invasion fleet by sea, only bad weather which held up the invasion fleet, gave the South time, to realize what was happening, and that Lincoln was lying to them, and therefore they had no choice but to level the Fort, so that they would not be pinned on both sides.

Clever, if there South did nothing, the win would be quick, if the South did something, then Lincoln could claim the South was the aggressor and attacked first. The nice thing about Lincoln is his dumb ass actually put a good deal of this in writing, so it is not in dispute, it is utter hell to get access to , to read for yourself, for clear reasons. Lincoln was the stooge of the Banks. He messed up when he began thinking he did not need to answer to his masters and began printing his own money. ~ Bob Kat

ALWAYS question that which is portrayed as TRUTH! ~ Editor

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  1. Charles R. Dickens

    Subjective and objective in view and depending greatly on who won and who lost. The victor writes history and the vanquished suffer by the writing. And so it goes with the written the history of this nation and our planet. It was on the broken backs of slaves and whites alike that the North was victorious. It was on the murdered and poisoned Native Americans, a proud and civilized society who welcomed the European to this land to share and soon discovered the treachery in their treaty that this country was created.

    The history of this country is written in the same key with few variations. Those that benefit most were the winner. Those that suffer most from that victory… you get the idea.

    And so it goes; To the victor go the spoils and to the vanquished goes the blame…


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