Juntti: Can your children read CURSIVE???

I had a very restless night of sleep last night due to finding out that one of my great grand kids can’t read cursive. He will be 13 in October!!! How did I learn this bit of information?

I bought four of my great grandkids their first bible and wrote a personal note to each of them on the inside page. The 12 year old came over to thank me for it and I asked him if he read my note to him. He looked at me and said he can’t read ‘cursive,’ as if it is a foreign language or such. He had to have his mom read it to him and said she had trouble too. I have always had compliments on my handwriting so it isn’t that my handwriting is bad. I began learning to write in cursive in the third grade.

It reminded me of the parent teacher conferences that my two oldest daughters had in the mid 60’s. After each of the teachers got thru telling me what a pleasure it was to have my girls in their class I handed them a stack of papers I had brought along and asked them to explain the good grades on them – since one could hardly read what they wrote. The exact same reply came from each teacher (as if well rehearsed), “Oh Mrs. Juntti, you just don’t understand. We grade on content not penmanship.” I asked them how they knew what the CONTENT was if you can’t read the PENMANSHIP!! That was when I began my opposition to public education and all school bond issues and levies. Then yesterday my great grandson tells me he can’t read cursive writing. How things have “progressed”.

In my rather sleepless night I kept thinking of how today’s kids – those not taught to read that foreign language called CURSIVE WRITING – can’t read our Constitution unless it has been *translated* to PRINT rather than the original cursive the Founding Fathers wrote it in. How would they know if the printed version is CORRECT or has been changed to suit the present day *interpretation* of it? Also, how will these *print minded* children be able to sign their names to a Contract, a drivers license, to write or endorse a check? Will they only be able to PRINT their names or will they return to the old days of the illiterate who could only make a “MARK” for their names. A BIG “X” on the line – with someone signing as a witness that the X is really the person who made the X.

I’ve read numerous articles in the past couple of years about how cursive writing is being eliminated but I guess I had to have a family member tell me he can’t read Cursive so he had to have his mother translate it to him. So the personal note I wrote to him in the bible I gave to him is just some scribblings in his mind. Now I am wondering if the older great grandson (16 years old) can read Cursive – not sure I even want to know. The two younger great granddaughters got ‘printed’ notes in their bibles from me as I figured they hadn’t been taught to read or write in cursive yet. Sounds like they never will learn the art or “foreign language”.

I mentioned the matter to the 12 yr. old’s father and his comment was that he didn’t think they were taught cursive any more – Not surprised or even concerned. Makes me wonder what the parents were doing or if they even noticed the lack of cursive use in school papers.

It all goes along with the bastardization of math (2+2 equals what ever you want it to be) – the latest gender bending that goes on – you are whatever sex/gender you decide to be at that given moment.

Of as Bill Clinton stated – “It all depends on what the meaning of ‘IS’ is,” or that HOGG ‘kid’ from Parkland who claims to be a ‘survivor’ of that shooting and he wasn’t even in the building where it happened – or that guy who occupied the White House for 8 years and wasn’t a NATURAL BORN US Citizen – and he sealed all his pertinent paperwork so no one could prove his lies were lies.

Our children haven’t only been DUMBED-DOWN – they have gone thru incisionless lobotomies (indoctrination) under the guise of public education and we have financed it all with those destructive school taxes we have been forced to pay over the past several decades.

Like that commercial, “What’s in your wallet?” – I am asking all who read this (and hopefully share it with others) – WHAT’S IN YOUR KIDS HEAD???

THINKING is now a LOST ART – now it is OBEDIENCE TO THE MASSA (Slave mentality).

May 6, 2018

~ The Author ~
juntii_thumbJacki Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

3 thoughts on “Juntti: Can your children read CURSIVE???

  1. Mike

    Sad to hear Jackie lost sleep over cursive. I prefer cursive, but there are other issues involved. If lack of cursive changed your life and led to your opposition to the entirety of public education…well, I’m sure there were other reasons to oppose public education—not just the handwriting.

    For hundreds of years, cursive developed for several reasons: Practically, the smoothness of cursive helped prevent the quill pen from breaking. Socially, those who wrote more beautifully were considered better educated. For more, google the history of cursive.

    Personally, I have never become proficient at texting on the iPhone. However, I suspect that since more and more scientists and business people are using handheld devices for EVERYTHING both at home and at work—in the office and in the field—the tiny two-thumb keyboard is what this generation and its successors needs.

    I also oppose discounting the arts, especially drawing. The young human mind benefits from these things, but it appears the Powers That Be prefer less education and much less liberal arts for our children. They keep emphasizing job skills, which is training, not education.

    That’s where we agree. After that, we diverge. For instance, you said that 2+2 is now “whatever want it to be.” But I learned this in MBA school:

    Ask a mathematician, an engineer, and an accountant to add 2+2. The mathematician can state firmly with confidence that 2+2 is four. The engineer insists that 2+2 is four point oh oh oh. But the accountant is not so quick. He looks up the hall, looks down the hall, closes the door and whispers to you, “What do you need it to be?”

    If you’re an accountant, you understand why the question is asked.

    As for gender bending: you and I were told about X and Y chromosomes. But they never taught us that they were other factors that determine sex characteristics, both external and in the way the brain works. Similar to how boys usually have boy ways of thinking and feeling which are different to girl ways of thinking and feeling. It turns out that many natural factors in fetal development will produce people with different gender identities.

    So no. The persons I know who are either homosexual or transgender did NOT “decide” to be that way.
    And they don’t change at whim. They spend a dozen or two dozen years being afraid, being beat up, being ostracized, and being official discriminated against in the law, even being tortured and killed. But they still are homosexual or transgender. I’d say it isn’t a whimsy.

    David Hogg was in an advanced science class when the shooting started. He started interviewing students while hiding, using his cell phone. After the lockdown ended, he went home to get his camera. So yeah, I think he was there and afraid for his life, and then saw the carnage like the others, and then learned which of his classmates was killed or wounded when he came back to school.

    Jackie, would you prefer he actually dodged a bullet? The conservative propaganda to destroy these brave kids is despicable.

    By the way, after originally spreading the lie about Hogg, both InfoWars and RedState updated the story, but never apologized.

    I see you bought into the “natural born” lie about President Obama. Being born in 1961 in Hawaii is enuff said. I’ll be happy to lead you through any arguments you have otherwise.

    Loved your assertion about incisionless lobotomies. I guess you mean that our kids are being indoctrinated some way that you disagree with. All institutions—schools, businesses, especially churches—are filled with indoctrination. Parents may certainly choose their own indoctrination for their kids.

    At the end of Jackie’s post, we agree again! Thinking is a lost art. But I’m betting we would argue over what the result of our thinking should be. Thank goodness we live in the US of A, where it is legal to think and speak and write and publish as you wish—unless President Trump gets his wish to throw journalists in jail.

  2. Jackie

    The first time I read one of your responses on this web site I thought, this guys (?) name isn’t *Mike* – the things he writes are much closer to Chubby Checkers – “LET’S DO THE TWIST”. You have a rare art of how TWIST everything to your TWISTED interpretation of what others write – much like the MSM handles news. I won’t waste my time playing your game – you aren’t worth it. Now TWIST that anyway you want.


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