What’s In Our Schools?: The Series

Editor’s NOTE: What you are about to read is quite long, as we have chosen to post the entire series in a single publication – however – I do not believe that the author is done. I believe that she has far more to say and expect her endeavors to continue. Dig in… it is well worth your time. ~ Ed.

Part I: What’s In Our Schools Will Shock You

While everyone focuses on college, let’s focus on the real problem, K-12. Every coup d’etat has roots in school. The progressive/communist/globalists/socialist (POGS) agenda calls for rewriting history. The children must be indoctrinated. The children must be coerced. The children must be trained to give up individual choice. They must think the same, get the same grades and have the same future outcome. One problem… if everyone is the same, what makes individuals different? The only identifier left is visual. RACE becomes the tool of choice. Children trained in social justice (which is Anti-American) become racist adults, dividing people into groups demanding results from those groups.

Racism MUST BE LEARNED. Racism is trained in school through psychological manipulation using technology. There are 400 data points that are monitored, re-monitored, analyzed, re-analyzed, reconfigured constantly making inferences to nudge and then monitor reactions. We see this happing now as males are being coached to take classes to remove those horrid masculine traits. I can just imagine what horrible actions these men will be responsible for in the future as they lose their self esteem and have to ‘prove’ their existence in some manner.

A dumb populace is mandated deliberately because POGS follow Lenin, “”Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” – Vladimir Lenin. It is no surprise why students favor socialism. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE TAUGHT.

Why the children? Once children are indoctrinated, “Group Think” takes over and going against the crowd is intolerable. Actually anyone not a believer is evil and should not be tolerated. If I said NFL, you should understand why continuing this communist education will destroy America. America’s children ARE BEING TAUGHT TO HATE AMERICA. “American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists…..” ~ Charlotte Iserbyt, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

As I review some of the texts the students use, I find the biggest error is omission. If a child is not taught the constitution, they have no idea what it means. How can they fight for something they have no clue exists? Aside from spitting in America’s face, the students are fighting a cause that has no merit. Just like the Trump/Russia story is a lie, so is their education. When you use a lie to create a policy, the policy will fail. Let’s correct a few misguided points…

1. There is no guarantee of free speech in a private work place. If you use free speech to offend, you will face consequences. Free speech refers to a public form.

2. Article IV Section 4: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union, A REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT. America IS NOT a democracy.

3. Illegals have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: “The Citizenship Clause is the first sentence of Section 1 in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”. Subject to the jurisdiction thereof is the key. An illegal is not subject to the jurisdiction of America, they are subjects of their home country. They have not pledged allegiance to America. When you start with an illegal act, everything that follows is illegal.

4. Common Sense: Sadly, statistics/statistical analysis show (one reason not to teach math) Blacks commit more crimes. Therefore Blacks have more interaction with the police. The problem is not with the police; it is with their life experiences i.e: broken home, morality, education. Let’s tackle the problem, not the symptom.

5. There are no statistics to support NFL players claim. America is not ramped with racism. Yes there are isolated incidents. But if Blacks commit more crimes, then it stands to reason they interact more with the police.

6. When an ideology, like the one the POGS promote “individual sameness”, the only way to identify/be individual with differences is visual by race. You no longer can be identified by ability. You must be identified by race. America identifies by ability. POGS identify by race.

As much as we are told that the problems we suffer today are new, the reality is these are just the same problems suffered from the past. Same policy; new name. Only now are we getting a glimpse of the truth. Russians are influencing our government. They have been influencing our government for a long time. But not just the government, they are in education and bureaucratic policies as well. I have put together some omitted facts that will help us to understand our world today.

Education Update 52% Say Textbooks More Concerned With Political Correctness

The Government is experimenting with our kid’s brains. And we are letting them. The following link is to an education time line so you can connect the dots.

The timeline: Timeline for education

Here are some highlights:

1885 ~ Democrat President Grover Cleveland condemned Islamic terrorism committed against Armenian Christians in Turkey, December 2, 1895:

“Massacres of Christians in Armenia and the development there … of a spirit of fanatic hostility to Christian influences naturally excited apprehension …

1916 ~ Socialist and Islam join forces:
Socialist influence within the Sarekat Islam was already evident at the movement’s congress in 1916, where the Prophet Muhammad was proclaimed to be “the father of Socialism and the pioneer of democracy” and “the Socialist par excellence.”

He certainly excelled at wealth redistribution.

In Java and elsewhere, “Islam” provided a banner for Muslim merchants to contest economic encroachment by non-Muslims

1918 ~ Rockefeller & Carnegie Foundation planned the demise of Traditional Academic Education – Rockefeller to be in charge of US – Carnegie International Education.

1934 ~ Carnegie Institute releases its pamphlet Conclusions recommending changing history to social studies infusing “social justice and acceptable behavior through psychology into our schools. Read Conclusions on American Deception, read Charlotte Iserbyt’s summary: Carnegies Communist Manifesto

1945 ~ Creation of the United Nations and playing a very large role in that was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce along with cooperation from the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace and the Rockefeller Foundation. Large banks and trusts could see future profits for themselves if they cooperated with the Chamber. UNESCO was to implement worldwide education programs. With the population scattered, the plan was to use Climate Change to scare the public in order to push sustainability (control). Sustainable developments (once called city-states in Union of Socialist Republics aka USSR aka Russia) would become mega cities where millions could live in a government controlled environment. Elimination of the auto (less mobility) and private property (for fairness) is the indoctrinated utopia now sought by the elite. Detroit was to be the role model. Huge cities run by corrupt politicians are now filled with the uber rich and poor. Disease, garbage, feces, urine homeless, bordered buildings, crime now litter once magnificent mega cities like Detroit, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta.

1958 ~ Eisenhower sent a delegation to the Soviet Union (USSR) for a cultural exchange. What was brought back, was studied and later implemented. This was the beginning of the school –to-work training programming used unsuccessfully in the USSR.

1950’s-1970’s ~ MK ULTRA was the program used by the CIA. Experimenting on humans, intended to identify and develop drugs, alcohol, stick and poke tattoos, and procedures to be used in interrogations and torture, in order to weaken the individual to force confessions through mind control. Organized through the Scientific Intelligence Division of the CIA, the project coordinated with the Special Operations Division of the U.S. Army’s Chemical Corps. The program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and officially halted in 1973. The program engaged in many illegal activities; in particular it used unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects, which led to controversy regarding its legitimacy. MKUltra used numerous methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture. Subliminal messaging was the tool of choice in a variety of films and documentaries. https://www.wanttoknow.info/050626mkultra

1960-1975 ~ Teaching became a draft exempt job. Unsuspecting new teachers were trained in the Modern Education promoted by John Dewey focusing on psychological manipulation training for the desired outcome of the populace. The PC culture was implemented. Dewey’s NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH (which I attended) was the training ground for unsuspecting future teachers were trained to integrate the media and Hollywood into our lessons. Today you can not see a movie, series or documentary which does not carry some government message especially climate.

1976 ~ The Russian book, The Scientific and Technological Revolution and the Revolution in Education, translated and imported to the U.S.A., helped lay the foundation for the philosophy behind Outcome-based Education.

1978 ~ Project Global 2000: Planning for a New Century, in which Robert Muller (United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for 40 years) and Margaret Mead (American cultural anthropologist) challenged the people of the world to prepare for the year 2000 by a ‘worldwide collaborative process of unparalleled thinking, education and planning for a just and sustainable human world order.’

1979 ~ Jimmy Carter – Signs into law the Federal Department of Education. American education begins to decline.

1989 ~ Shirley McClune from the McRel Foundation told the Association of Governors that education was now changed:

♦ from individualism to collectivism,

♦ from fact to value,

♦ from education to training.

Bush 41 was President. Clinton was president of the National Governors Association. Jeb Bush, FL GOV, partnered Florida with UNESCO to promote sustainability in all subject areas. America was always in the top 10 worldwide. After implementation of these plans America is 27-40.

1996 ~ Hillary Rodam Clinton mentored by Marxist Saul Alinsky published her book: “It Takes A Village”. She prompted parents to give their child to the school (state). After all the state knows best.

Americans follow: “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” … Thomas Jefferson

POGS:Uneducated people require more from their govt” Uneducated people vote to get more. POGS lie and do not deliver. But POGS know A lie told often enough becomes the truth. — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Uneducated people accept the lies as truth.

After the failures of School to Work, Goals 2000, Sustainable America, No Child Left Behind, UNESCO partnered with Bill Gates/Microsoft and created an experimental/education program the ultimate dumbing machine: Worldwide Common Core.

2004 ~ Bill Gates signed a Microsoft / UNESCO (United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organization) agreement for worldwide Common Core while we were told: “This is state led. The governors asked for it.” Gates started his solicitation for H1B visas saying Americans are too stupid to work, they need to compete globally to become global citizens setting the stage for open borders.

2005 ~ Jeb Bush delivered Florida to UNESCO in a partnership agreement pledging Florida to be the most sustainable state. Sustainability programs entered the schools under the new NCLB/Common Core.

The purpose of education: Money, Power, Control
The NEA stated that their goal is more money for the Association. Every administration unveils a new federal education program. A new name is given to the old soviet education model of training to work. New books, new programs, new supplemental materials, new assessments, new classes with a cost of billions to the taxpayer are making millions for the publishers, editors, coders, etc.

Using the technique called the Hegelian Dialectic, scaring people into submission by having scientists regulate the outcome (the ends justify the means) the man made, global warming, climate change crisis was escalated into new heights. Christina Figueres, UN Climate VP, said that the purpose of the UN climate policy is to remake the world economy, to redistribute the wealth of the WEST.

Why are we teaching this in school? Because in order to buy into the very lucrative green energy, sustainability industry you need the scare of climate change. The purpose of the sustainability program is to eliminate private property: land, business, person. Private property is not fair. The government makes everything fair. You learn this in school.

The UN Johannesburg Implementation Plan page 108, calls for NGOs, Non- profits and regional Councils aka COGS – Councils of Government to implement the climate control plan crucial for eliminating local governments. NGA and CCSSO re examples of NGO’s. Regional councils were called Soviets.

2007 ~ Gates & Eli Broad Foundations pledged $60M to inject their education vision into the 2008 campaigns.

2008 ~ Gates Foundation awarded the Hunt Institute for Educ. Leadership $2.2M to work with the governors and other “stakeholders” to promote the adoption of the national standards. The following month the Hunt Institute and the NGA hosted a symposium to explore education strategies

2008 ~ The National Governors Association, (NGA aka a lobby group) state education commissioners and other groups begin accepting the common standards in math and English language arts for grades K-12. written by David Coleman and Linda Darling Hammond (NOT educators)

This UNESCO/UN policy needed a way to implement its program in America. The POGS created NGO’s and regional councils (Non-government organizations) to help eliminate elected officials. (* There is no need for elected officials, policies are created by direct referendum. People can vote on line. Majority rules.) In the name of sustainability, learned in schools by state/UN partnerships, grown children now in government, are unknowingly implementing phases of control. Others just comply. By complying, we give the new “experts”: Water Management Districts, Army Corp of Engineers, IRS power over us. We live with their regulation mistakes. How can people given erroneous information solve a problem? Wait, but it is what they learn in school so it must be true…Our future suffers from the mistakes. Bill Gates Mistakes. Generations decline. As a result of eliminating the life skills required like: responsibility, self esteem, self respect, respect of others, innovation, curiosity we now have lost generations of non-functioning kids.

The school is following Karl Marx: 5 things Karl Marx wanted to abolish besides private property

Money buys the Media, Hollywood, thousands of organizations and K-12, universities and corporations. With the schools pushing social programs not education, and all of these outlets indoctrinating 24/7, the populace becomes lost and can only speak in the verbiage they were told to use. The more the populace believes they are the ONLY GOOD and everyone who does not believe along with them are evil. Control is complete.

See the lists of texts used in our schools. Do you know what your students are reading? Look at the center of the page for links to textbook reviews.

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight.” President John Fitzgerald Kennedy – In a speech made to Columbia University on Nov. 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination. This speech is rarely mentioned.

November 16, 2017

Part II: What’s In Our Schools?

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. 2017 was certainly one for the history books, but how will it be remembered? If you are conservative and are tired of identity politics, low wages, a lousy economy you will remember 2017 with cheers. If you are liberal, after Hillary lost, 2017 was unbearable. How can Americans have two totally opposing views?

With only one word I can tell you why. The answer is SCHOOL. Hate – Racism is an emotion. You are not born a hater, you have to learn. Where do you learn? SCHOOL, family and clergy (morality).

In order to promote hate, you have to destroy the family unit and eliminate morality. Once belief in family and morality are destroyed, the only thing left to cling to, is the government school.

Are we there yet? When Welfare programs were initiated in America, we all though they would be great; we can take care of our people in a down time. The government can assist. How far from the truth! Welfare was designed to create single parent households granting entitlements based on the amount of children. What is wrong with this picture? What message does it send? As single parent household grew, stress on single parents grew. Less and less time was spent with their children. Parents gave control of children to school. G-d was eliminated from school. This marked the beginning of the end of the family unit and morality. The values that made America great were tossed out the window. Today there are more social programs in school than educational programs. Ask your school board and superintendent: “How much do you get from the Feds?” Answer will be in between 5-10% of budget. Then ask: “How much does it cost to implement these programs?” Answer will be between 20-30% of budget. Does that make sense? Now you should understand why basic math is no longer taught.

Why is racism still an issue at this magnitude? Answer: money and ignorance. The race baiters need the race issue for donations so the ignorant Human Capital (their words) learn to be racist in SCHOOL.

How Karen, no one teaches people to be racists?

Real easy! Students are learning by omission. By only showing the worst of America and promoting the disgrace of America – slavery, the Globalist omits the best of America – Guaranteed Freedom for All Americans. All means all, no group, no special class.

Ask any legislator, school board member, Superintendent, DO YOU LOOK AT THE CONTENT OF THE MATERIAL THE HUMAN CAPITAL READ? You will get an overwhelming NO. Most use the material approved by their State Dept of Ed. But who monitors the texts in the state DOEd? Do you know if there is objectionable material in those texts? [Link]

Education fails basically because no one is focused on the 2 reasons kids learn:

1. Content of material: Today CCS is highly bias, confrontational and racist

2. Method of learning: Today called training. Skinner/Pavlov training to be exact. Your child will be trained like a pet. They will comply. Data mining insures that your child will answer questions with the required answers. If not they are “re-educated” until their behavior is the one desired by the state.

“Where you came from is not as important as where you go,” was the subliminal message from some TV show last week. Not true. The show’s message is: HISTORY is not important.

Knowing History, our past experiences, help us make decisions based on correcting our past mistakes. Not knowing history means we will repeat the same mistakes over and over creating a losing cycle.

Did you know today in school Human Capital being told not to talk to seniors? Why? Because seniors know history!

Where you come from gives you the experience, direction and the ability to make informed decisions with less mistakes. We all know the one with the fewest mistakes wins. If you know history, you can eliminate many mistakes. The Regime thrives on mistakes because mistakes lead to chaos. Have you ever noticed that there is never a discussion on unintended consequence creating chaos, once a policy is put in place? Chaos creates the public scream for more government control continuing the cycle leading to loss of Rights. So understanding the goal: “loss of rights and property,” it is easy to see why History is no longer taught. CCS must eliminate history, because history is the Globalist’s competition.

Look at history of intelligence in America. Remember when your grandparents said, I just went to the 8th grade. Our seniors learned more from 1-8 than is learned in 1-12 and yet we are spending more and getting dumber. Could there be a reason? Can any legislator or bureaucrat pass a test from the 1900’s? Notice how all questions are open ended. Students actually had to use their cognitive skills. [Link]

* Our founder’s IQ 120-130

* IQ in 1950 110-120

* Today under 100

* Mission accomplished.

School was not necessary after 8th grade. School was not filled with social programs that did nothing for learning. Schools taught skills enabling students to make informed decisions. Local communities were involved in education, civics and government allowing for local ideas and plans. Social problems were attended by family and charity.

America was very integrated in the 1900 but President Wilson returned segregation back into governmental agency positions. Wilson was a??? DEMOCRAT. A bit of unlearned history skewed in school.

In the 1980’s after enough teachers were trained in the NWO divisive education, a massive “modernization” of education was instituted. Education was redefined by Shirley Mc Cune, from the Mc REL Foundation, under G Bush 41 and Bill Clinton, president of the Governors Association. Did the governors make that decision also or were they coerced?

Students are now called Human Capital and are defined by the amount of work they can do for the state. (Their words – human capital aka sheeple). Keynesian economics now taught, focuses on debt. Students are taught, the one with the most debt is the winner. Debt is leveraged and money is loaned to the US collateralized by work done by its citizens. Like a bad pyramid scheme, Americans need new workers to feed the beast for massive government entitlement programs. You saw by the last Immigration press conference, Democrats have already tossed out the middle class, the American worker and are focusing on legal and illegal immigrants. Dems recognize that in order for any program to work they need new workers to tax (and vote).

1989 Governor Association on Education direct from Shirley:

* Students are HUMAN CAPITAL Education’s purpose is to train students to work. Training takes the expense of corporate training and pushes it on the tax payer enabling corporations to become hugely profitable while taxpayers pay, pay, pay.

* Purpose of Education was to Transform Society from individualism to collectivism. America is individualism, slavery is collectivism.

* Fact Based Education is no longer the primary focus of education Fact based education creates a strong foundation. Value driven is indoctrination into someone else’s opinion.

Remember Rachel Jeantel (Zimmerman witness) She is a direct result of the Bush-Gates-Clinton-Bush Obama, NWO education still found in our schools. “I can not read sir, I can not read and write cursive.” Rachel exclaimed.

* People who can not read are called slaves.

* People who can not read and write cursive have NO SIGNATURE or individuality. They are but a number now called HUMAN CAPITAL.

* People who can not read and write cursive can not read America’s founding documents and have no idea of their power.

* People who can not read and write cursive often have poor eye-hand coordination. Cursive writing promotes eye hand coordination.

What will the world be like when no one has an identity? Look at your 2012 paper money. Find the Sec Treasurer signature. Don’t look at the name printed, look at the signature. The Sec of the Treasury, Jack Lew can not read and write cursive. Who is signing your money? Anyone can make a scrawl like that.

Relying on one kind of program (progressive) without offering choices (individualism, exceptionalism) is a bad idea. You can not have critical thinking if you are only trained in one concept. You can not prepare for life’s variables if have no idea what they could be.

Using techniques to divide people with words, content and other programs have allowed the Florida schools to determine that they only expect 75% from the black community. How racist is that?

According to the new modern education the purpose of education is:

1. To replace family with school

2 To replace God with Government

3. To replace America with the UN

4. To replace choice with sustainability=control

American history is erased.

Prior experiences are gone. Adults are demonized; they know history. Seniors are called names and discounted in school. History now starts in 1865 with little discussion on Constitution or founders or the glory and struggle to bring Freedom to all. Many Schools only study the Constitution on Sept 17. As a result, most people will have no idea why the Constitution is important or what it actually says or protects. (3rd generation of indoctrination)

Today all learning is based on sustainability, a failed formula already proven wrong by their own scientists. Why is it still in our schools? Money, Power, Control. Sustainability indoctrinates: doing more and getting less. Lenin: “An educated populace will make too many demands on the government. Best we keep the people down.”

Remember: *Nothing happened randomly, *There are no coincidences, *Everything has a plan, *All plans are based on lies.

Schools Indoctrinate Global citizenship – what is that?
Global citizenship means you give your life, liberty and personal property to the government. The government decides what you can have depending on your category (divisive and racist). You own nothing except what the government wants you to own. The UN Global Initiative called World Wide Common Core, now found in US schools wants education for Global Citizens. Do you? Bill Gates already admitted that Common Core is a mistake, yet we are continuing to promote its failure. Why? Education is a Billion dollar business.

* American citizenship means your life, liberty and personal property are yours.
Which do you prefer?

* By not teaching America, people have no idea what they give up.

* People can not be an American citizen and a global citizen simultaneously. Yet schools promote being a Global not American citizen. Why?

Global Citizen follows social justice which divides HUMAN CAPITAL into categories – women, gays, blacks, Hispanics, etc. Every group has a different set of rules. They are defined socially and follow the rules of that group as defined by the government. But the government changes the rules which demonizes one group and pits them against each other so they constantly can be divided. The division becomes more important than the message. Wonder why the left will give a pass to a supporter who may be charged with a different infraction example, an illegal got a pass for murder. No outrage. Why? They are more upset that we claim, he is an illegal. The illegal part and his prior felonies were not allowed as evidence. Murder of an American by an illegal was not important because he became a victim. An Illegal is a victim.

The schools teach social justice not equal justice because divided people do not communicate and that is the final objective. Eliminate communication among Americans and the Progressives win every time. Gobs of donations come into any NON-Profits touting racism while the media screams. Racism is learned in school and those that are successful enjoy a billion dollar Race Industry all to making sure Americans don’t speak to each other.

Exactly what are they afraid of?

Simple: We are many, they are few. The only way for the Regime to win is to divide the people. The only way for the People to win is to expose the lies and tell the truth.

Will you help expose the textbooks in your school? Help is needed contact me. 954-864-0530, Karen Schoen.

I will not comply, Will you?

January 12, 2018

Part III: What’s In Our Schools?

What is Choice?
Would you be surprised if I started this article by saying that every problem we have in America today can be traced back to what kids learn in school? To be perfectly clear I mean any and every type of school. Due to Common Core and ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) all students will answer to exactly the same curricula, standards and data manipulation. Once vouchers are initiated or any other type of Federal Funds), private schools and homeschools will be forced to follow along. Schools are the lowest common denominator (the one thing that every American attends in some shape or form.) Every American gets their basic information from something they learned in school.

In the ’50s and ’60s, when I went to school, America was in the top ten worldwide. Americans held our heads high and took pride in ourselves and our country. We invented more energy saving devices, helped humanity and produced millions of patents (by then) for American innovators. We created more millionaires than any other country. Americans had real heroes to follow—today the heroes are comic book versions. Our students followed wonderful examples and became heroes themselves creating the best military, the best industry, the best and most successful country worldwide. But as a teacher, I began to feel the seed of socialism beginning to grow as my texts and supplemental materials began to morph into “Modern Education”. I noticed the math books no longer taught budgeting, financing and had little or no economic references.

I went to a “Teachers College”, a college devoted to actually training teachers how to teach, not the five-week course given today by Teach for America.

I attended continuing education classes every year I taught. While I was in those classes, I began to notice a change taking place. Phonics was out and whole word reading, (a failed program) was in. Learning math facts were out and feeling good about math was in. We, teachers, were ever so slowly being told that facts were not important; the emphasis should be placed on values. “But whose values?” I thought. The New School of Social Research, NYC, was a John Dewey incubator. It was there I learned John Dewey’s theories. I learned the truth about the shift from Traditional Education—fact based—to Modern Education—value based—and its father, John Dewey).

The prime objective, the goal, the underlying principal, the original intent of “Modern Education” school was to dumb down the kids. The heroes of Modern Education told us continually that the populace should not be educated, because they are incapable of thinking for themselves. People are basically dumb, they said, they are nothing more than animals with two legs. Therefore, it was their job to keep the dumb people happy so their brilliant leaders should tell the people what to think. Following Edward Louis Bernays, (Sigmund Freud’s nephew), of combining psychology and propaganda, multiple and proven faulty programs were instituted in public schools to make America dumb. Bernays knew he could combine the message and turn the heads of Americans into buying anything he promoted. In one campaign, Bernays decided that bacon and eggs was the true American breakfast. He also promoted the idea of thinness so more women would smoke, not eat. Bernays knew and understood the power of words and used them to promote emotional responses forcing action. The socialist message was then pushed through the media and Hollywood, supporting what was taught in school.

Psychological manipulation replaced independent thought as most educational programs followed the academia of socialists from pre- war Germany, demanding the acceptance of the theory of Evolution (Secular Humanism) and making sure this theory was paramount in schools. The immediate push was to get G-d and morality out of schools. When children are taught that they can do whatever they want without consequences, you would be shocked at some of the things they do.

Finally, in 1963, the Supreme Court eliminated prayer in schools. As the Ten Commandments came down, perversion and acceptance of perversion went up. Secular Humanism teaches that there is nothing else outside the universe. Man is supreme, no heaven or hell, nothing to be accountable for; therefore anything goes. Man is accountable only to himself. Man becomes God. (The Jesuit, communist Pope Francis just proclaimed that there is no Hell.)

Because of the lack of history and references, the founders of Modern Education and their theories were often omitted. Today most Americans have no idea whose theories they follow. People educated in the ’50s-’70s have no idea of the change in school curricula. Modern Education was drawing conclusions from the manipulative academia theories promoted by people like:

Georg Friedrich Hegel ~ in his universe, there is no real G-d handing down His law to His creatures, therefore the only law that exists is man’s law. Man becomes G-d. His psychological dialectic is taught as gospel today.

Karl Marx ~ Man is just matter in the universe. The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense. Democracy will not survive…people will vote themselves all the money in the treasury and bankrupt the nation. He believed that promoting the call for class warfare—dividing the people—will lead to their demise making them easier to control. Recognize “cradle to grave education”? “It Takes a Village”?

Vladimir Lenin ~ He believed that an educated populace demands more from their government, therefore it is the duty of government to dumb down the populace.

Sigmund Freud ~ Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility. He believed that people were victims of their experiences. The constant lying is a perfect example of Psychological Projection, one of Freud’s theories (and one of Hillary’s favorites). Freud loved and promoted blame shifting. In order to be a good liar, you have to have inside knowledge of the deed and the steps involved. (That is why Dems can run around yelling Russian Collusion. They were involved in Russian collusion so they know what to expect. You project your trait on your opponent and build a case against them because you know how it works.)

John Dewey, Father of Modern Education — Progressive education is essentially a view of education that emphasizes the need to learn by doing. Dewey believed that human beings learn through a “hands-on” approach. This places Dewey in the educational philosophy of pragmatism (theories are measured by their success). As a philosopher, social reformer and educator, he changed fundamental approaches to teaching and learning. His ideas about education sprang from a philosophy of pragmatism and were central to the Progressive Movement in schooling. To Dewey, the central ethical imperative in education was democracy—a democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49% (Teaching democracy in school is why Americans think America is a democracy). Look at the texts today promoting a democracy. America is NOT a Democracy. How many students know that?

Traditional education relies on teachers’ authority and rote learning of life skills. Progressive Education relies on “teaching” what the students are interested in. Learning by doing will give the student life skills. Dewey critics feel that students will fail to acquire basic academic skills and knowledge while classroom order and teachers authority would disappear. Oops.

School democracy is paramount as the school community and work would be merged (School to Work). It is the job of the school to train the student in community service to gain a feeling of accomplishment; only then will we achieve Utopia.

Margaret Sanger ~ (Yes, Bill’s father)—started Planned Parenthood with the intent of survival of the fittest, population control, elimination of inferior races (like Negroes) and eliminating the handicapped. Wonder why Bill Jr. is so big on abortions and vaccines to control population? William had close ties to Hitler. No surprise here.

Skinner/Pavlov ~ People are no more than animals and should be trained as such. Stimulus/Response learning. This is perfect theory for that computer will continually feed the student questions until the student answers are perfect as required. No free thought here.

By eliminating history, who knows the theories and roots of Modern Education? Yet their failed programs like Eureka Math, Whole Word Reading, and failed Common Core, are forced on our students. It should be no surprise that Millennials prefer socialism. That is what they are learning. They have no idea what America stands for. If there is no truth, then lies are accepted. Compliance, apathy, blind acceptance of any government program is demanded. Disagreement will not be tolerated. They (globalists, socialists, progressives) are good, conservatives or anyone who disagrees is EVIL. End of discussion.

Once lying becomes accepted, lies become the new normal. To learn the truth, one must know that leaders lie; then research to find the opposite of what lying leaders report. Leaders practice newspeak — whatever they say, the opposite is usually true. A recent example of newspeak was CNN host Brian Stelter, who admits that CNN often includes sharing lies and misinformation with the American public. Why? For Ratings—which equals Money! After all, one of their icons, Karl Marx said: “The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.” Here we have capitalists who made fortunes, telling you the door to prosperity is closed by convincing students to be children until age 27 (Obamacare), become renters (slaves of landlords), the one with the biggest debt wins, an entry level job is all you can hope for, you are a victim of your life circumstances. Only the government can help.

When we keep our youth as children, refusing to allow them to grow up and have free thought, we see the results. David Hogg (age 17), Parkland survivor, constantly refers to himself and his peers as children. Using Bernays’ approach, calling everyone children, Hogg will elicit the desired response. After all, no one wants to “harm the children.” How will America’s youth be prepared for the perils of life and the dangers? Do they know that other countries teach their youth to be warriors? (https://clarionproject.org/mommy-sent-me-to-die/)

Recently many talk show and media hosts kept asking the same question, How does Hogg know what to say? He is using the talking points as the DNC and he is only 17. People were amazed at his mastery of talking points. Does anyone realize that David and class of Millenials are being taught Saul Alinsky strategy? David knows Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals” and exercised it brilliantly on Laura Ingram. You have to be taught to be an activist, to hate, to accuse, to lie. We are living the results. When students are taught to hate America, whites, Jews, guess what, they hate. Tucker, Rush, you want the answer to “Why” and “How”, the answer is “What’s in your school?”

Class warfare and victimization are high priority in schools. Students are trained that there is only one side of an argument because if what you believe is for the common good, then any opposing point of view is evil. Evil must be tuned out…or in extreme cases snuffed out. Freedom of speech can only be tolerated if everyone believes the same thing. If you are a victim, you cannot be successful; because if you are successful, you are not a victim. School perpetuates a society of lifelong dependents on government assistance.

By giving a trophy to everyone so no student will feel bad creates an abnormal view of life. Students believe that everyone must have the same and equal outcome of life. Social justice means equal outcome. This theory never takes into consideration that life circumstances are different and unpredictable and humans have different thoughts and experiences. Therefore, when disappointment comes, it becomes extreme: making life not worth living. More teens today turn to suicide, drugs, liquor. Criticism is unacceptable—it may hurt your feelings. Competition is out—no one can be better than another. Innovation is out—if you can’t be different, then why create?

Students are taught that G-d is dead, man is the ultimate god, human life is only for the here and now. You are accountable to you, so anything goes. If someone else gets in the way, do whatever you want to feel better; too bad for them. When students read about abuse in school literature, they believe abuse is the norm.

Recommended Summer Reading List for 11 Yr. Olds, FLDOE supplemental reading list—There are over 60 books containing sexually explicit material on the list recommended for young children. Are these books age appropriate for 11 year olds?

Examples: “The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison (graphic depictions of incest between father and daughter, rape, violence) – RATED YOUNG ADULT – Page 181: “The little girls are the only things I’ll miss. Do you know that when I touched their sturdy little t*** and bit them—just a little—I felt I was being friendly?—If I’d been hurting them, would they have come back? . . . They’d eat ice cream with their legs open while I played with them. It was like a party.” Pages 84-85: “He must enter her surreptitiously, lifting the hem of her nightgown only to her navel. He must rest his weight on his elbows when they make love, to avoid hurting her breasts…When she senses some spasm about to grip him, she will make rapid movements with her hips, press her fingernails into his back, suck in her breath, and pretend she is having an orgasm. She might wonder again, for the six hundredth time, what it would be like to have that feeling while her husband’s penis is inside her.Available in media centers at Gulf Coast HS, Naples HS, East Naples HS Golden Gate HS, Lely HS (2 copies) Palmetto Ridge HS (2 copies) and Immokalee HS (18 copies)

Beloved by Toni Morrison—It contains steamy sex, sex for favors, a white male guard forcing a male black prisoner to perform oral sex on him, calling it “breakfast”; a black slave mother kills her infants, decapitating her daughter with a handsaw and then attempts to kill her three sons). It also includes three references to males sexually molesting animals – RATED YOUNG ADULT. Available in media centers Corkscrew MIDDLE SCHOOL, Gulf Coast HS, Barron Collier HS, Naples HS Lely HS (2 copies), Palmetto Ridge HS, Golden Gate HS (2 copies), Immokalee HS (3 copies) and Lorenzo Walker.

Once you create an atmosphere of hopelessness, vulnerable victims are easy to control. If they kill themselves, there is one less mouth to feed. Unless there is a political reason to make an example, the killing of individuals often goes unreported in cities like Chicago and Baltimore. “The overwhelming content of these types of stories and victimization, racism and bigotry are not teaching our children to be good citizens, but victims of an oppressive culture and with moral values that ‘anything goes’.”—Deirdre Clemons, educator and mother of 10.

Even though the individual may be trained, progressives/globalists/socialists must attack the last the last bastion of morality, the family. The traditional family must be broken, for it is in the way and must be replaced by your school family. Kids are told that anyone over 30 is stupid, family stands in the way of you doing what you want. Therefore, it is OK to ignore, run away, to destroy, to kill anyone in your way. The family must be destroyed at all costs. Welfare, school programs and single parent homes contribute to the welfare and attitude of the individual. When there is “no place to turn because Mom and Dad are stupid and know nothing”, students turn to school.

So where in a textbook can I find this information from public schools to the kids? You might not. Information is subtle, hardly noticeable, impossible to analyze or describe. In a literature textbook, Voices, you will find passages like: “Mom ______ her daughter to make the bed.” Answers: tells or nags. The correct answer is NAGS. So when Mary goes home and mom asks for help, Mary says, “Stop nagging me.” This creates a small wedge between Mom and child. Do this enough and Mom and child will stop talking. Get the picture?

By commandeering the language, parents will talk to children and children will respond but often the result will be an argument. Why? Because the definitions of word have been changed or eliminated. Diversity is one of those words that come to mind. Diversity simply means variety. Yet today we have diversity training, diversity classes, diversity degrees. Why? Because the word diversity now has a different meaning. “diversity as a representation of fairness and protection to all, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Inclusion demanded on? boomers, gen-Xers and employers in the business environment integrates individuals of all of the above demographics into one workplace.” (Notice what is missing: ABILITY.) Business people know that time is money and the one making the fewest mistakes wins. Yet business are forced to be “diverse”, not excellent. The globalists went off the rails when Secretary Pruitt said that the Department of the Interior does not use the diversity criteria to pick workers; they use ability.

Sustainability is another word with a new definition. If we follow its author?: Gro Harlem Bruntland, Hillary’s friend, we learn that sustainability is “meeting the demands of the present generations while preserving the rights of future generations to meet their own needs.” In other words NO GROWTH. This is the transformation Obama talked about. He tried. America experienced sustainability throughout his 8 years as President.

Mediocre students focused on feelings, not ability, produced by schools, create a workforce of mediocre workers prone to errors, as common sense is a thing of the past. Many cannot ever read instructions. Just look at the government (school and Sheriff) in Parkland that allowed a shooting to occur; or the pedestrian bridge in Miami whose engineer said she was more concerned with esthetics than strength and foundation; or the Army Corps of Engineers who let the NOLA? dykes (levees?) decay. Dumbed-down workers following unproven theories created by mediocre people are recipes for disaster.

When you need repairs in your home from, say, a plumber, do you check to see what race? ethnicity? religion? Or do you want the best person for the job? Do you want to buy the best product or the one made by the most diverse company? Look at Parkland. Here is a perfect example of what happens when you do not choose the best. The mediocre but diverse government (school and Sheriff) took a Promise Grant, NOT TO REPORT CRIME. So they didn’t. The result is 17 dead for a crime that could have been stopped. But the kids were told, “It’s the gun’s fault”. So, like little soldiers, they marched against guns. Mob rule. Where is the common sense?

Mediocre students with no common sense become mediocre adults with no common sense, who work in government and industry creating mediocre government and industry. How many times must we hear “the government failed” before we turn our heads to the cause…mediocre school curricula? “Modern Education” is globalist thinking, forcing the “We are the World” mentality; not “we are proud Americans”. Forgotten are the days when the American Dream meant Pride in Ownership; when competition between nations led to innovation and new ideas flooded the marketplace. Trade, economy, competition and sovereignty were not dirty words to be espoused by those hoping to make America mediocre in order to fit in with the rest of the world. Desire to excel is suppressed by the desire to fit in. In order to “fit in”, students are taught to subordinate America’s leadership role in the world because America is the cause of all world problems. World leaders cannot have America stand out—home ownership, business ownership, gun ownership must be stopped.

While we treat our youth as babies until age 27, the rest of the world scratches its head. America creates gun free zones, while the rest of the world trains for terrorist attacks. In America we give a bucket of rocks for defense while in Israel, the students learn gun safety. For those of you who still think that the purpose of school is to educate, I strongly recommend Samuel L. Blumenfeld’s book, NEA—Trojan Horse in American Education.

The world can be an ugly place. Are your children prepared?

Notice the flag in the background: This is Israel 2018 Where Teachers Carry CAR-15s

* Where it’s mandatory that young people serve in the Military … and be armed 24/7

* Where they eat right and don’t overmedicate … Where the murder rate for the whole country is a fraction of Nashville’s …

* Where parents teach respect and values instead of letting Disney and X-Box raise their children …

* Where people stand for their flag and would defend it with their lives.


W.A. Johnson’s Daily News Digest summary is the best description of our current school system. “An educational mafia captured the high ground of American public education in the late 1800s by their own words and deeds, their carefully orchestrated, partially hidden agenda has deliberately steered the public schools, its teachers, and children down a disaster road to socialism, secular humanism, radicalism, planned failure of reading, writing and math, suffocation of Christianity, the trashing of basic values and the establishment of one of the most powerful dangerous unions, the National Education Association (NEA).”

Now that you know what is going on, what can you do? America was created to give its citizens a voice in their government. Remaining silent is affirmation. Now you know the truth. The great thing about the truth is once you know it you can’t unlearn it. Don’t be fooled by promises of “choice” in schools. Trust but verify. Common Core by any other name is still Common Core. What are your students learning? For it does not matter where a child learns, it only matters what they learn.

Will you look at what students in your community read? Will you expose the errors, blatant lies and misrepresentations? Will you run for office or support a candidate who believes in America? Will you share the information with others especially those who have different opinions? You have the power. Will you use it or give it away? We are destroying the minds of America’s future. We cannot expect those in power to “fix” anything. We know their goal: Illiteracy. The only fix will come from Americans coming together to make a change. I will not participate in the destruction of America, will YOU?

Make America Great Again. Bring back TRADITIONAL EDUCATION!

April 7, 2018

For current information:

What can you do?

* Share the Message: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/americanstatesman

* Run For Office. Support people not parties.

* Volunteer to lobby Tallahassee 2018 (or your state legislators).

* Contact Joe Rosario for details 786- 651-6947

Transportation provided all we need is you…

* Go to school board meetings. What are the kids reading?

* Use quotes from our founders etc. with your family.

Textbook reviewers are needed.

New Florida Law HR989 lets residents have input in textbooks and curricula.

The CCS/Florida Sunshine State Standards advocates are furious.

Textbook reviews can go to school boards, and lobby legislators.

* Join Florida Citizens Alliance.com

New Florida law lets residents challenge school textbooks

Roy White from Texas is conducting the training for the textbook reviewers.

Please tell volunteers to email Roy to sign up for on-line classes.

Email: tnt.textbooks@gmail.com Problem? call 214.924.9033

The Magnet for illegal immigration is WORK.. Sign the petition for Florida to require EVerify http://www.floridiansforeverifynow.org/

Unsure of anything, call me, 954-864-0530 or Email: kbschoen@bellsouth.net

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  1. Rick Bonner

    What a mouthful! Talk about a “tough nut to crack”. I’ll need to take more time to ruminate on, and chew up and digest the lady’s presentation.

    One thing is clear to me. It’s NOT necessarily “the Russians” who’ve invaded our formerly representative republican government, or, our laughingly called educational system that’s so extremely effective in indoctrinating the public. These societal pillars of ours, and the pillars of ALL of the whorl’s “governments”, including the Russian people’s, are run by criminals under the cover of government. Often, these crime syndicates – which have infected many spheres of influence – effectively “call the shots” for a number of countries at once.
    Common criminals, violating Natural Law whorl’-wide, are Humanity’s (common) problem.


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