Texas Teacher goes viral!

Texas teacher reveals how ‘rude parents, disruptive children and poor pay’ have forced her to quit her job in viral post… shares photos of classroom items ‘destroyed’ by her students

Julie Marburger, a teacher at a school in Texas, took to Facebook in a lengthy tirade, slamming students, parents and the state for their treatment

A teacher has slammed her ‘disruptive’ students and their ‘rude’ parents over their lack of respect for her ‘poorly paid’ profession in a Facebook rant that’s gone viral.

Julie Marburger, who works at a school Texas, said she had been pushed to quit her role as she feels as though she has ‘no way to do the job I was hired to do… teach kids.’

Along with her status, which has had 322,000 likes and more than 400,000 shares, she posted images of her messy classroom, showing broken shelves, books and even an iPad , explaining that many of the items destroyed by the children were paid for out of her own pocket as she has no budget.

Julie from Utah, who teaches students aged 11-12, revealed she had been pushed to the brink of quitting that day by a ‘disrespectful’ parent who shouted at her in her classroom for holding her son to account.

In the post, she wrote: ‘I left work early today after an incident with a parent left me unable emotionally to continue for the day.

‘I have already made the decision to leave teaching at the end of this year, and today, I don’t know if I will make it even that long.

Julie slammed students for their continuous non-attendance and disregard for property she purchased for the classroom with her own money due to lack of state funding (classroom seen)

‘Parents have become far too disrespectful, and their children are even worse.

‘Administration always seems to err on the side of keeping the parent happy, which leaves me with no way to do the job I was hired to do… teach kids.’

Julie then shared a stream of classroom pictures taken over the past few days of her messy classroom, including broken shelves, broken books and even an iPad discarded on the floor.

‘I have finally had enough of the disregard for personal and school property and am drawing a line in the sand on a myriad of behaviors that I am through tolerating,’ she added.

She then revealed that a parent had held her accountable for her son’s behaviour that day, and had shouted at her in front of the child.

Explaining that the report cards were due that week, she added that almost half of her pupils would fail as they had missed up to 10 of their assignments.

Julie from Utah, who teaches sixth graders aged 11-12, revealed she had been pushed to the brink of quitting that day and had left early after a ‘disrespectful’ parent had left her unable to continue working

Julie cited her reasons in the honest post that garnered 322,000 likes and 400,000 shares in which she accused ‘rude’ parents of enabling their children

She then predicted from previous experience how she would be blamed for their failure by both parents and administration, and behaviour would further deteriorate.

Expressing her frustration at the lack of respect for her profession, she continued: ‘I have never heard of a profession where people put so much of their heart and soul into their job, taking time and resources from their home and family, and getting paid such an insultingly measly amount.

‘Teachers are some of the most kind and giving people I have ever met, yet they get treated so disrespectfully from all sides.’

Pleading for ‘common courtesy’ and ‘civil conversation’, she added: ‘Most parents can’t stand to spend more than a couple hours a day with their kid, but we spend 8 with yours and 140 others just like him.’

Julie posted photos of items that had been damaged by students in her class – including books

Admitting that her long-standing dream of having her own classroom had now been shattered, she said that many teachers felt the same, adding: ‘My heart is broken to have become so disillusioned in these short two years.

‘There is going to be a teacher crisis in this country before too many more years has passed unless the abuse of teachers stops,’ she warned.

Julie then pleaded for parents to stop enabling their children, she added: ‘It will not serve them towards a successful and happy life.’

And defending her choice to share her thoughts on social media, she concluded: ‘I don’t care anymore. Any passion for this work I once had has been wrung completely out of me. Maybe I can be the voice of reason. THIS HAS TO STOP.’

Along with her status , which has had 322,000 likes and more than 400,000 shares, she posted images of her messy classroom, along with broken shelves, books and even an iPad

Pleading for ‘common courtesy’ and ‘civil conversation’, Julie – who shared photos from her classroom (above) added: ‘Most parents can’t stand to spend more than a couple hours a day with their kid, but we spend 8 with yours and 140 others just like him’

‘I would have pointed out that I have many amazing, hard-working, respectful students who show up every day and give their best and also many supportive, loving parents.

‘For them I am thankful and hope I haven’t offended. But my frustration was also in their behalf. Because the actions of some are hindering their educational experience,’ she added.

Julie shared images from her messy classroom – and also blamed parents for ‘enabling’ their ‘disrespectful’ children

Urging society to take three simple steps to address problems with its youth, she suggested ‘reforming the education system, holding children accountable and treating one another with manners and respect’.

Followers quickly flooded her post with supportive comments, with many teachers admitting they felt the same way.

MailOnline has contacted Rockwall Independent School District for comment.

And after receiving an influx of support from social media users, with half a million shares and comments, Julie later took to Facebook again to add that she didn’t want to forget the hard-working respectful students in her class.

Written by Jessica Rach and published by The Daily Mail ~ April 9, 2018

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  1. Fergus

    Today teaching is just a profession that serves as guards for a generation that is there for free meals. They cannot learn. Have no respect for anyone. They believe they are entitled to pass without effort.

  2. Charles R. Dickens

    Ah, the future of America. We reap what we sow. I truly feel for this woman and others in this profession. The demands heaped on her from all sides must be monumental. I wish her well in whatever profession she selects.

  3. Sea Dragon

    If they ( liberals) can dumb them down, by the time they reach college they are ripe for the liberal indoctrination. Bring back parents rights and parents won’t be frustrated with their animal behavioral brats. Kids are running the household these days. We were spanked growing up and All 7 of us turned out to be professionals. If a parent doesn’t know the difference between a spanking and a beating arrest them they deserve jail. Stop allowing liberals to run this country and use FAILED LIBERAL POLICIES. FIRE ALL LIBERAL College professors and anyone who forces their agenda on the students. And most of all bring back GOD in this country and classroom. A moment of silence.


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