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“44% of Millennials would prefer to live under a socialist system than a capitalist one. This is more than a little puzzling at a time when socialism has proved a catastrophic failure in its remaining strongholds in Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba.“

Perhaps the reason is that we have allowed the K-12 curriculum to push the socialist agenda into the minds of our children. We have permitted the indoctrination of our children with our own indifference. Add that to our failure to teach our children at home. We have young adults who wish that the government would take care of their every want and need so that they can focus on their desires. If we wish to save America, then we must take back the education of our children – one child at a time. ~ Rosemary Stein, MD


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2 thoughts on “Sponsor a Millennial TODAY!

    1. Publisher

      But that is the point Charlie – they have NO money. They haven’t worked or earned any. They have been spending their lives mooching off of Mommy and Daddy – and milking them dry.

      So… we are screwed once more.


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