One thought on “Home-Based Education…

  1. Charles R. Dickens

    Yes, this is how it was done from the beginning of time. Parents passed along life-skills to their children who perfected them, added t them and passed them along to their progeny. Since the advent of “formal” education, we’ve lost many of the skills necessary to survive. Modern schools have eliminated important subjects like home economics and shop in favor of indoctrination and homogeneity.

    How many women actually cook? How many know the art of preserving fruits and vegetables (canning)? How many men can mend a fence or build a bed frame, much less build a home from scratch?

    We have systematically eliminated these skills from the curriculum and driven the importance of college into these children so well that we now face critical shortages of construction and repair/service trades.

    We have done a marvelous job of creating a total dependent society. We can teach subjects like history and math, but who will teach us self-sufficiency? You’d better call the electrician to change that light-bulb… If you can find an electrician.


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