Common Core-Uption: Dr. Duke Pesta – Back to Battle

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One thought on “Common Core-Uption: Dr. Duke Pesta – Back to Battle

  1. Charles R. Dickens

    “We have the government we deserve:” haunts my mind. We were so busy chasing a lie called “The American Dream” that we gave away our rights and our country. This is just a symptom of the disease.

    When the Government is involved in anything it does so for self-interest. Our government servers their masters, and it isn’t us. Common Core is a symptom of a much bigger problem. This is not a partisan issue, it is a national issue.

    Representative government is gone: We live in an oligarchy; we have since the beginning of the twentieth century. Our children are being socialized into a common class; a worker class through this educational system. Those that can afford a private education and attend elite colleges will be their lords and masters, the rest of us will work for them in the new American Feudal System (AFS). Our educational system is just another step in the social stratification of our country that began post-WWII and is now in full stride funded by private investors, sanctioned by our own government to feed the need for power.

    The owners of this country don’t want well-educated people capable of independent thought, they want an obedient working class. We are well on our way. After all, it is for our own good.


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