A Gift of Wonder, A True Story Showing School As It Should Be

A note from the publisher of Metropolis Café.
The short two paragraphs which you are about to read – I sincerely hope that you will make a commitment – for your children, your grandchildren and for the future direction of the Republic in which we live. What Kim Allsup presents – IS the ANSWER to the problems which we all share in this nation. As one who served our Nation in the military both in Europe and Viet Nam, and one who has continued to serve for nearly two decades on-the-air – I implore you to make a pledge and contribution to this amazingly worthwhile project. I will be doing so as well.

Thank you for your consideration in assisting Kim Allsup with this important project.

~ Jeffrey Bennett

Experienced teachers know the power of stories. So, as a teacher wishing to show the potential of a wonder-centered approach to education, it was natural for me to write a book that tells my classroom story. A Gift of Wonder, A True Story Showing School As It Should Be, is a new book (Lindisfarne Books (SteinerBooks) August 2017) that can be read simply as an inspiring story. But, with your help, it can be more.

We as a nation are re-evaluating our approach to education and, as we dispense with the Common Core and an obsession with testing, we need models that show authentic teaching and eager learning that grows out of wonder. I thank you in advance for any support you can offer via this Indiegogo campaign. An easy way to help is to click into the campaign and share on Facebook. You can pre-order the book after July 1, or you can order your book as a perk from this campaign. All funds will be used to help publicize A Gift of Wonder. I send you my warm appreciation for any assistance in this effort to re-envision education.

Please click here to enter the campaign.

Written by Kim Allsup for and published on Growing Children ~ June 12, 2017.

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