No Students Are Proficient in Math And English At Six Baltimore City Schools

Six schools in Baltimore have exactly zero students who are proficient in math and English.

WBFF reports Project Baltimore led an investigation and discovered five Baltimore City high schools, along with one middle school, do not have any students who scored high enough to be deemed “proficient” in math and English on state testing.

The schools that did not have a single proficient student are Booker T. Washington Middle School, Frederick Douglass High School, Achievement Academy at Harbor City, New Era Academy, Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High, and New Hope Academy.

According to WBFF, students are tested and scored on a scale of one through five, with a four or a five placing a student in the proficient category. At Frederick Douglass, for instance, 89 percent of students tested last year received the lowest possible score in math. Only one student received a three, which is “approaching expectations.”

Navon Warren, a student at Frederick Douglass, said he believes students were not proficient because teachers are not teaching at the same level as the tests.

Warren’s mother blamed the teachers.

“That’s your teacher’s report card. How is it that not one child passed? That makes no sense,” she asked.

WBFF notes Baltimore City Schools spends $16,000 per student per year, making it the fourth highest spending district in the country per student.

Written by Ashley Rae Goldenberg and published on the Media Research Center ~ May 30, 2017.

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One thought on “No Students Are Proficient in Math And English At Six Baltimore City Schools

  1. Obama's boyfriend

    There is a simple reason for this. Schools are just holding pens for future criminals and deadbeats. The inner cities produce a toxic culture that makes learning, studying, or striving something to be avoided. As opposed to learning gang signs, having a wardrobe that looks like a federal pen, or just having an attitude that guarantees failure, because society is against you so why try.

    Money has nothing to do with learning. Discipline does. Learning isn’t fun. No skill is ever fun but we have grade d students becoming teachers led by grade f administrators. No wonder we see falling SAT scores that have to be adjusted every 8 years to hide the fact that the education system nationally is broken.

    When you teach fluid genders, homosexuality, race, instead of civics, math, science, even cursive-you get the kind of people like Obama who haven’t the faintest idea of what the Constitution is or why it was created.


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