It is common sense knowledge that facilities do not produce well educated students. The one room schoolhouse with outhouses for toilets produced much better educated students than today’s Taj Mahal’s. Why?

Example in the 5/23/17 TR article “School to hire Consultant”.

We are told by School Board member Talicia Richardson the usual educanto newspeak designed to say a lot and explain nothing. “We are making a great decision to MOVE FORWARD”.

“We’ve never done anything like this before & just because we maintain our facilities (long time leaky roofs at Southside?), it’s time to take our facilities to the NEXT LEVEL”. “e need to be more STRATEGIC AND PLAN for not only short term but long term STRATEGIC moves that are going to put our district in a position REGIONALLY, –exceptional employers…place to work—all of those different factors. And if we DO NOT have facilities of monies (taxes) and things of that nature to support that we will not be able to MOVE FORWARD, as a district”. (Please note bureaucratic buzz words in caps) Translation=subterfuge & obfuscation re more funding & expansion.

Secretary Bill Hanesworth agreed. “We have to have a STRATEGIC plan and it’s not just facilities. It’s where are we going to be five or 10 years from now?” Doesn’t this sound like the Board & Administration do not have the expertise or comprehension to manage and direct our school system?

Superintendent Doug Brubaker said “that STRATEGIC planning allows for conversations with different STAKEHOLDERS such as parents, students teachers administrators, staff, business leaders and others in the community about what the district wants students to understand know how to do by the time they graduate.” (What exactly does that mean?)

For $36,410 CAMBRIDGE STRATGIC SERVICES will compile data & an overall PLAN for the district that will include BELIEFS—a statement that is a formal expression of the district’s & community’s fundamental ”VALUES: ETHICAL CODE, OVERRIDING CONVICTIONS & INVIOLATE COMMITMENTS—EXPRESSION OF DISTRICT’S IDENTITY, PURPOSE AND THE MEANS OF ACTION; STRATEGIC PARAMETERS,” ETC. ETC. ETC.

The CONSULTANTS will also give….”an examination of those forces over which the district has little or no control such as social, political, economic, demographic, technological or educations trends; competition”…etc. etc. etc.

You understood the precise meaning of what our hard-earned $36,410 will get for us and the children, right? Does it ever occur to you that when you read these glowing reports from public education that there is never a word about upgrading curricula, increasing academic demands, insisting on highly intelligent, well-educated motivated teachers, or reconstructing teaching courses/schools in a way which demands higher standards and more rigorous studies? No, and you won’t. Sadly most well-intentioned educators are victims of the same system and do not understand the role they are playing. Some may understand but have no means to fight the system and even may attempt to do what they can to counter the collectivist agenda. Scant few comprehend the socialist strategy, most think they are carrying out a noble cause or are too ignorant themselves to understand the difference between educating and indoctrinating.

A well-educated, inquisitive, hard-working student is not what today’s “leaders” want….because they are not easily fooled or controlled that is why. Under the guise of EQUALITY/DIVERSITY the system seeks to “educate” to the lowest common denominator…the slowest, least intelligent, and thereby bringing all to SOCIAL JUSTICE where no one feels left out or humiliated. The ultimate victim is the intelligent youngster or any other who wants to learn.

Perhaps you have noticed the ridiculous NEW MATH, the lack of teaching cursive writing, the disdain for memorization, the absence of logic, the presence of highly revised history, the disappearance of higher academic subjects in science, astronomy, Latin, ancient history, geography, grammar, etc.

In case you are not aware, CONSULTING FIRMS (particularly pertaining to anything governmental & usually employing retired bureaucrats) are agents of the government and take their instructions from it. Whatever direction the government wants the school to take, that is where the CONSULTANTS take them in all their glorious educanto newspeak, designed not to be precisely understood. Meanwhile, of course they rake in mega taxpayer bucks. The ultimate goal is to remove all local control & keep the taxpayers from knowing what they are doing and why. Another goal is to short-circuit the child’s mind and render it helpless to be self-sufficient, not needing government help & guidance.

Don’t be intimidated with the educanto gibberish that even its practitioners don’t completely comprehend. They are well paid parrots who do as they are told, no matter how nonsensical, as long as it fulfills the demands of salary, perks, & pensions.

Pity the young. Get them out of any school which receives federal money.

Barbara McCutchen

Written by and submitted to Kettle Moraine, LTD for publication by the author.

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