It means just what it has always meant!

This is amongst the many lessons taught to my 5th Grade glass at the Crestwood Elementary School in Northbrook Illinois by our teacher, Donald Adair in the late 1950’s. “Never stop searching for the TRUTH,” he always told me. And I learned the lessons of history – through him.

One thought on “It means just what it has always meant!

  1. Mark


    The Bruce Canton books I devoured in 7th and 8th grade in 62 & 63 sparked a life long raging Southern fire and study!

    Even then I knew I would one day live among the modern day remnant, deep within and wrapping myself around their heroic heritage of blood and sacrifice for their God given Constitutional freedom and liberty and self determination…denied them. They did not fight in vein…birthing the multi generational Bible Belt I live happily within, at home…clinging to my Bible and my guns…a Born Again Copperhead…a scared veteran grunt warrior of the war of my youth, who knows the truth about the flag of the Confederacy, who displays it, and who remains ever ready…ever vigilant.


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