Kids Write the Darndest Things…

Hilariously literal test answers prove that children are a LOT more intelligent than they appear (and their creative responses will make you laugh out loud)

Every adult will recall that sinking feeling that came with turning over a test paper at school and realising you don’t know the answer to the question.

But as these laugh-out-loud pictures prove, children can sometimes come up with the most genius responses when left stumped.

Diply has shared a collection of the cheeky, imaginative and downright comical wrong answers given by clueless students when faced with a tricky question.

There is nothing quite like the sinking feeling that comes with turning over a test paper and realising you don’t know what the answers are but one student decided to play Smart Alec and asked his teacher why he would be expected to know the answer if Colombia itself couldn’t figure it out

Cytoplasm may be a jelly-like substance inside plant and animal cells where chemical reactions happen but one witty student used a film reference to answer the question instead

This student’s maths skills may not be up to scratch but at least they know how to make the best of a bad situation and get creative with their answers

One pupil who didn’t know the answer to a question gave up totally, didn’t even attempt to answer it and instead used Tippex to completely erase it. Unfortunately an eagle-eyed teacher spotted their stealthy ways

This student may not have had the knowledge required to draw a biological illustration so used their imagination to create something more artistic – and much more hilarious – instead

The student may not have been skilled at maths but proved he knew a thing or two about health and potentially has a future career as a doctor

One playful pupil added her own answer to this question – but was called out by her teacher for being cruel

A youngster who clearly couldn’t be bothered to come up with some creative verbs decided to turn his exam into a song instead

One lazy student skipped the details required in his exam and went for a rather basic and straightforward answer instead

One clever student turned a question into a witty pun – and his teacher was surprisingly impressed with his creative talents

Another student, who was clearly struggling in a maths test when asked to fill in whether one number was greater or lesser than another simply wrote ‘or’ beside each question

A smart child took matters into his own hands in an exam by reminding his teacher that ghouls aren’t real

This pupil clearly felt patronised by the exam and told the teacher that he ‘wasn’t an idiot’ and said that the answer was blindingly obvious

One defeated student admitted that he had no idea what his test answer was – and luckily the professor saw the funny side

Written by Bianca London and published by The Daily Mail ~ May 9, 2017.

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