A Slave Auction in 2017 America

Parents were outraged after a fifth grade elementary class had a mock slave auction where a black student was sold to bidding white students.

Jefferson Elementary School is in hot water after a classroom had an ‘impromptu’ slave auction where a female fifth grader was put on a block and sold off to her white classmates, earlier in March.

The ‘demoralizing’ project was done to teach about the Triangular Slave Trade as the Maplewood, New Jersey, students were learning about the colonization period.

The filmed controversial auction took place around the same time another elementary school in the South Orange-Maplewood School District came under fire for having students create slave auction and runaway slave posters.

The auction took place around the same time another elementary school in the South Orange-Maplewood School District had students create slave auction and runaway slave posters

The posters were displayed in hallways and students wrote descriptions for the types of slaves they were selling and listed cash rewards for capturing missing slaves.

Parent Tracey Jarmon-Woods, whose son attends Jefferson Elementary, told WABC: ‘I was heartbroken, I had a knot in my stomach.

‘When we’re dealing with the Holocaust we would never put Jewish kids in two lines and say you go to the left, you go to the right as an assignment.’

She added to CBS New York: ‘If you’re demoralized — sold on a block in 2017 — it may affect you the rest of your life.’

Jefferson Elementary said the incident took place while a substitute was in charge of the classroom while the regular teacher was out for a medical procedure.

A statement released by the school said: ‘The activity was not part of the curriculum, not part of the teacher’s assignment, not condoned by the classroom teacher, and not authorized by the district.’

Around the same time that the slave auction took place, less than two miles away, South Mountain Elementary also had a controversial teaching style when students were asked to make slave auction posters.

One poster listed the names of available slaves, who included 12-year-old Anne, described as ‘a fine housegirl’.

Another poster read: ‘All slaves raised on the plantation of John Carter,’ and specifies that only cash is accepted.’

Superintendent John Ramos said in a note to parents that the project at South Mountain Elementary School is part of a larger Colonial America unit that’s been used for ten years.

Written by Cheyenne Roundtree and published by The Daily Mail ~ March 21, 2017.

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One thought on “A Slave Auction in 2017 America

  1. Mark

    There are no more boundaries, no real safe spaces for any student of any age, race, color, creed, faith or lack of faith from those who will relentlessly shove their personal world view, their self righteous indoctrination of their perceived (real or imagined) victim-hood (no matter how many generations pass) and their self inflicted bleeding ideology down the throats of children.

    I have long ago given up on a segment of the the U.S. Black population who swallowed never ending professional victim-hood – hook, line and sinker…as I watched Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society set the hook into too many of their families…then the Democratic Party and the Federal Plantation jerked back on that controlled dependency…while Planned Parenthood and their founder full filled her stated end game mission of control.

    The Left is all about control…control through taxes, and redistribution/welfare, and debt, and health care, and gun control, and identity politics using past sins and crimes to ensure current/future victim-hood feeds their base.

    Big Media, Hollywood and especially Academia have to keep the Slave Auctions of the past front and center on the stage of the next generation…a picked scab never heals.


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