How in the hell did we get this far? (VIDEO)

Three Generations of Public Schools and Social Engineering leaves us with dumbed-down entitled snowflakes sharing their fashionable guilt, while totally ignorant of the values of entrepreneurship, innovation, risk & reward, self-reliance and volitional relationships within one’s real hierarchy of values.

Knowledge of the economics of choice, freedom, history, and western culture have given way to knowledge of celebrity gossip, fashion, and hand-held devices profiling and tracking ones thoughts and whereabouts for the benefit of the Deep State and their corporate and political clients. ~ R. Mish

Take a walk with Jay Leno out to the real America for much of the new generations……

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2 thoughts on “How in the hell did we get this far? (VIDEO)

  1. Charles R. Dickens

    I almost pissed myself laughing. The sad thing is that these people really don’t know. How did we get this far? Damn good question.

    This is a testament to our intentional segregation of the rich and the poor. Yes. Poor children go to public schools where they learn not to learn. They can’t read. They can’t add. They can’t think. They are the perfect operators for the new service society.

    Rich children attend private schools where critical thinking is taught. They learn how to learn. They learn to read and understand through personal interpretation and open discussion. These are the future leaders of our country.

    This exceptional tactic is purposely and elegantly designed to create a two class system; Owner/leaders and workers.

    Coming soon to a country near you.


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