Times Record; February 19, 2017…”Coaches & others headed to ‘basic training’. “

The cast: Greenwood (Arkansas) Football Coach Rick Jones, Asst. Principal Chris Young, and Tanya Taylor, Greenwood Director for Economic Development.

The 3 are traveling to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, CA to get their lessons in military indoctrination, propagandizing, and conditioning for the youth in the Greenwood school district.

The article states that the Marine Corps sends around 80 high school & college educators, counselors & administrators to the Pendleton “Marine Corps Educators Workshop”. These numbers could easily translate into more than a million unsuspecting immature student minds to be pretzelized into the warmongering frenzy by so-called educators & other government addicts.

This production put on by the Marine Corps base in San Diego is nothing more than a recruitment tool to enlist more unsuspecting useful idiots into the U.S. military to continue their very lucrative preemptive wars against civilization, whatever the war du jour may be today. The warmongering U.S. government’s battle cry is always “to keep us safe”, as it continues to murder & destroy all semblances of civilization in its quest for global hegemony. Think Cotton, McCain, McConnell, Graham, e.g. all things neoconservative.

Unfortunately citizens fail to recognize the above 3 are nothing more than government automatons performing whatever machinations the United Nations’ Agenda 21, the U.S. Dept. of Education & its union’s demands. Never an independent thought voiced by those flying the flag of government—it takes the collective.

Greenwood public schools & other taxpayer institutions represent a treasure trove for recruiting opportunities for entrapping our youth and the teaching community acting as cheer leaders, as demonstrated by the above. Never is the ongoing rape of academics discussed at any level—omission, lies, destruction, revisionism, discarding of tried & true teaching methods, the implementation of such scams as Common Core, cover-ups, & everyone & every culture is equal.

What is the authority that allows Buck Sergeant Knopes to invade a public school campus to sell the wares of war with bribes, never the sweet smell of peace which is waiting in the wings to be implemented?—Yes, even Russia.

By the way Coach Jones & friends, who is paying for this extravaganza for you and your 2 friends—I think I feel the needle.

All wars are phony, that includes most specifically the ones brought about by Bill Clinton, Geo. W. Bush, Barack Obama and all those sitting in both houses of congress that have blindly or with complicity allowed these 3 criminal presidents to murder & destroy entire countries, culture, antiquities and worst of all the murder of millions orchestrated by the United States.

February 19, 2017

Joe McCutchen

Written by and submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications for publication by the author.

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