Did you read the EDUCATION SECTION of today’s newspaper?

August 8, 2011 ~ For weeks, months and even years I have been reading of the failure of the public education system to produce EDUCATED students. Many fail – many drop out – and the quality of most of those left is far below what they should be. In Texas there have been more articles than I can count about the FAILURE of one school district after another to meet the standards deemed to be acceptable — ‘Adequate Yearly Progress’, or AYP, a federal school rating system.

In spite of the money that has been thrown year after year for education the quality continues to decline. We are told there aren’t enough engineers – scientists, doctors, etc., to meet the demand so we need to import foreigners who have the needed skills. This is way past INSANE.

As I surf my many trap lines for news each day and come across these reports about education I have to admit that my anger grows. In the same papers and on the same TV stations that are writing and talking about this FAILURE of entire school districts failing to meet those AYP goals – there are pages – entire SECTIONS of the paper dedicated to SPORTS and a full segment of the TV news dedicated to SPORTS… mostly football in Texas and the South. Funny how we don’t read of SPORTS failing to meet the AYP standards.

Imagine if you will, if the same financial budget expenditures, attention, personnel, equipment, time, space (stadiums and fields) and acclaim were given to the real educational topics such as math, English, science. What if the “jocks’ were those who can toss math equations like a quarterback does a football or those who can block disease in the science laboratory like a player blocks a pass or a basket from being completed.

However, the GOAL of the DUMB THEM DOWN crowd do not want to see excellence in education. They have worked hard to degrade real education and to make sports THE point of attending school and then when the $$$$ run short they cry out how education suffers when they aren’t given all the money they demand they receive. Look at how the NEA and all the other Teachers Unions go on strike – organize huge bussed in protests at the state capitols and all those legislators who shed tears of *It’s for the Children* so we have to raise your taxes (ignore that we send them home DUMBER than they arrived).

Sports should be an extra curricular activity and supported by the parents who have children playing them. This is NOT a part of real education – it is a diversion and a ploy that too many buy into. Put that effort into education – not physical games.

If you want your children educated in a way that will provide them with a living and this nation with a population that can fill jobs that will make America once again a great country – a PRODUCTIVE country – then homeschool them until you can find a way to retake the education system of America. Instead of importing – grow them locally – EDUCATE AMERICAN like in BUY AMERICAN MADE.

Right now you are paying HUGE amounts in property taxes in order to provide a training camp for the major sports to then choose who MIGHT be granted a chance to play in the big leagues. The cost taxpayers pay to provide this FREE training camp to the Big Leagues at the expense of a real education for our children is just too great. Let the Big Leagues pay for their training camps for those who want to play sports without any real education to fall back on when they don’t make it in the big leagues.

Perhaps we might also remove the SEX WITH STUDENT TEACHERS while we are at it.

We need to see an entire section in the newspaper with color photo’s of those students who excel in math – english – science and related subjects that will result in employees or self employed men and women to rebuild America. We need men and women who can go on to serve (temporarily) in the legislative offices – those who can READ the bills and understand what it means and what it will do to this nation. We have had our fill of the POLE CATS who say they have to vote on a bill so they can then find out what it is about. We need graduates who understand what America is – a REPUBLIC – not the *Democracy* most of them call it.

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Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to the Kettle Moraine Limited Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

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