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And this is what it has been – a Journey – from before Plymouth Rock until today and into the future, but how can we ignore the past – our heritage? The public school system would rather we not know. We provide you the pathway on this journey – it is now up to the teachers and educators of today and tomorrow to take their charges back… back to our future.

There Are No Qualifiers In The Bill of Rights

Language is the tool by which human beings communicate with each other. Without language all music would be instrumental pieces. Without language all films would be silent movies. Without language we wouldn’t have amazing literary pieces to read. Without language history would be lost to the ages.

But language is more than just words; it is grammar too. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best when it comes to the usage of grammar, but I have gotten better over the course of nearly two decades of writing these commentaries of mine. Continue reading

How Will Historians View You?

On March 20, 1775, delegates gathered together at St. Johns Church in Richmond, Virginia, to discuss what measures they might take as tensions between the Colonies and Britain increased. Of those in attendance at this meeting were George Washington; who would be chosen to lead the, yet to be formed Continental Army, and Thomas Jefferson; who would later be asked to pen a declaration of independence.

After hearing the speeches of a few delegates, Patrick Henry rose from his seat in the third row of pews, and delivered a speech which has gone down into the history books as one of the greatest ever delivered by man. Continue reading

Pine Trees & The American Revolution

Painting by John Trumbull

Years before the Son’s of Liberty would disguise themselves as Native American Indians and dump 342 chests of the British East India’s tea into Boston Harbor, a little known event occurred in New Hampshire that, unfortunately, our schools do not teach about; The Pine Tree Riot. Had I not been such an avid reader of fiction novels, I myself probably would never have heard about it had I not bought Brad Thor’s novel, Hidden Order, where a brief synopsis of what happened is mentioned. However, that brief synopsis was enough to pique my interest, and I went in search of more information regarding this little known event.

One of the reasons Britain was able to maintain and protect its empire was its naval superiority. Yet to build these ships of war required lumber, lots of lumber. Every time a ship set sail it required a minimum of 23 masts of varying lengths; which means lots of trees were cut down to build their fleet. After time, Britain began suffering from deforestation and started looking to other countries to supply their need for lumber; and the Colonies seemed like as good a place as any. Continue reading

The Facts in the Case

Although we would like to remain non-political on this site, what follows is a bit of history, which we offer first, as continuation of our historical education and to show how the leanings of politics have changed over the past eight-plus decades. The decorum…

Gov. Alfred E. Smith

The following is a transcript of the speech given by Gov. Alfred E. Smith before an American Liberty League audience of 2000 and a national radio audience on January 25, 1936 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC,.

This is one of the greatest American political speeches. At the time it was considered the definitive analysis of the New Deal. Al Smith was the 1928 Democrat Presidential nominee, former governor of New York State and the leader of the Democrat Party until Roosevelt and the Communist wing took over in 1932. Smith was the person who gave Roosevelt his second chance in politics and therefore was responsible for FDR becoming President.

What has happened to the Party? ~ J.B.
Continue reading

Answering the Call: The History of National Education Association

The following series was quite interesting to me, as it laid out the basis and beginning of what we now know as the National Education Association. It is my justified opinion that their intent was great in the beginning, but now act as nothing more than a major Lobby group for the benefit of their own Union members, all the while – taking their money then “donating” it to the political party of their choice… The Socialist Progressives – the Democrats. In the past two decades, our youth have been bombarded with Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, and Common Core. Dare I say that each of these programs have further indoctrinated our youth and in fact – left all children behind.

A reader may not agree with my beliefs, but read Metropolis Café carefully, and watch how the NEA has evolved in this first of a four part series… and let us see if YOU see what I have seen in this historical journey. Let us know. ~ J.B.

The History of the National Education Association ~ Part 1

On a summer afternoon in 1857, 43 educators gathered in Philadelphia, answering a national call to unite as one voice in the cause of public education… Continue reading

5 Causes of the Civil War (Besides Slavery)

With talk of secession heating up, a look back on the causes of America’s (first?) Civil War.

As I type, the secession movement in California is picking up steam. Polling shows that one in three Californians support leaving the Union following Donald Trump’s victorious presidential campaign, and an organization––is circulating a petition calling for a special election that would allow Californians to vote for or against independence.

The movement is unlikely to succeed, at least for now. Still, the secession question would seem to present an opportunity to look back on causes and conditions that led to America’s Civil War.

Obviously, it’s difficult to separate slavery from any discussion on the Civil War. The peculiar institution hovers over the conflict specter-like. Indeed, it’s an apparition that still haunts modern American politics. But to say that slavery was the sole cause of the Civil War overlooks other stark differences that divided the North and South in the lead-up to it. Historians have speculated that even had the slavery question been resolved peacefully, war or secession still might have occurred during the westward expansion. Continue reading

To Change the History Just Lie About It

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The actual history of the War of Northern aggression has always had its detractors who have wanted to make the historical record say what they wanted it to say. The manifestations of their disease have been present in this country since Appomattox and they continue to this day.

Their solution to making the history say what they wish it said is, quite frankly, to lie about it. Just change a few words here and there, a phrase or two someplace else, and you can make the history say what you wish it said but doesn’t.

Unfortunately, most folks won’t realize that it doesn’t and they end up buying the same historical swill that has made the Cultural Marxists ideologically sick. Continue reading

A DEFENCE OF VIRGINIA [And Through Her, of the South]

In Recent and Pending Contests Against the Sectional Party.


Prof. Robert L. Dabney, D.D., of Virginia, Late of The Confederate Army.

Publisher’s NOTE: What you are about to read is the Preface for the book, A DEFENCE OF VIRGINIA written in 1867 by Prof. Robert L. Dabney. This is the first of our true history lessons – as written and told of by those who lived through the various periods of American history – not written by those who came later and ‘surmised’ what life was like, or what post-historical writers interpreted life to have been like.

Read what is published here, and afterwards, there will be a link for a pdf of the complete book. Whether you agree with the author’s standpoint or not – you will LEARN from a viewpoint which you may not have read before… and yes – the book does cover the issue of slavery in a manner, which few have ever read nor understood – but slavery was not the primary reason for what commonly became known as ‘The Civil War.’ Teacher’s – there are many marvelous life lessons –  here do not ignore TRUTH! ~ J.B. Continue reading